Reversible Sling Bag

I first made my Reversible Sling Bag in December 2015, when my teen daughter wanted to give something unique, but simple and useful, to a couple of her friends as well as have one for herself. She envisioned something that would hold a good-sized hardback book (think Harry Potter size) plus possibly a sweater if really stuffed in, or maybe some water bottles and a wallet for an outing. We went to the store and found some fabrics that worked well together – gray and turquoise, in complementary geometric patterns. I played around with a few variations, and we finally decided on this one, with light padding to add some protection, strength, and structure to the bag, plus a little magnetic snap tab to keep it somewhat closed but easy to reach into quickly.  More than once I got compliments on this bag from my daughter’s friends (maybe they were just being nice!), and so I decided this would be the first item I would make if I ever decided to sell my wares. You can find this bag in my store, but using fabrics I designed. I have my daughter to thank for this bag! – Juliana

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